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Buy 'Come on Over To Me' on iTunes


" Meg Williams is a transplanted New Yorker who now calls Music City her home.  She’s wasted precious little time in making a name for herself, within the various writer’s nights and songwriter showcases all over town.  She’s released an excellent EP of six originals, entitled “Maybe Someday.”  This easy on the ears and the eyes young lass is on guitar and vocals throughout, and brings along Dan Wecht on slide guitar, Greggory Garner on bass, and Kyle Law on drums.  

That slide of Dan’s is prominently featured on the title cut, as “Maybe Someday, we’re all  gonna get it right,” looking for brighter days ahead for a troubled world.  She cranks out some serious New York swagger with the grunge-worthy punch of the tale of a less-than-worthy lover, “You Let Me Down,” the album’s first single, and closes the set with the story of another bum who’s “tearin’ me apart,” “I Feel A Heartache Coming,” a guitar-heavy shot of blues-rock at its best.  This young’uns potential was spelled out early on, with the first three cuts serving as our favorites.  Ol’ Elmore James would be proud of the licks laid down by our heroine, with a bit of a masochistic streak, as she’s addicted to that “Bad Lovin,” but keeps on “coming back for more!”  She settles into a swampy groove as she lays down some funk over the tale of every man’s favorite, “bad girls,” who all have a “Little Bit Of The Devil” in them, fueled by Dan’s hell-hound slide.  The opening cut really got our attention, tho.  The story of two lovers with looming issues has Megs giving the ultimatum here, “stay if you wanna, leave if you wanna, it’s Not My Problem!”  Aside from being pure unbridled funk, the true key to this cut lies in Meg’s guitar lines, which are positively Prince-ly! " 

-- Don & Sheryl Crow, Blues Blog Review - Nashville Blues Society.


"...Vocally Williams is powerful and engaging but her guitar playing just leaves you in no doubt as to just how good a musician she is. This is one not to be taken lightly because if you do it will steamroller all over you. Grit and grunt never sounded so good!" (Track 5: You Let Me Down)  

"....This is a very pop inspired offering but man this lady can sing anything she chooses to. Williams knows just how to harness all of the power she has and deliver a masterful piece of modern pop in no no uncertain terms. Such a commanding piece of music that showcases the incredible guitar playing from Williams that just tears this one up ...." (Track 6: I Feel a Heartache Coming"  

-- Peter Merrett, PBS106.7, Melbourne AUS. 


"Singer/songwriter Meg Williams balances her big guitar playing with a sweet and sultry vocal style and razor-sharp lyrics. The recent transplant to Music City from upstate New York, Williams has made the most of her first year in Nashville, playing showcase gigs as a solo as well as with her full band, and releasing a new EP, Maybe Someday. The original six tracks aren’t what you’d expect from an East Nashville studio. They are full-blown blues rock and soul tunes, no country twang here. Williams busts out with the deep-fried funk ‘Not My Problem,’ as the opening track delivering some real Girl Power soul. She then rips into the straight-ahead blues shuffle ‘Bad Lovin,’ peeling off Magic Sam guitar leads. Swamp rocker ‘Little Bit Of The Devil’ features greasy slide guitar from Dan Wecht on the cautionary tale of a dangerous women. The title track ‘Maybe Someday,’ is a lesson on optimism infused with sweet gospel swing, taking generous influence from Tedeschi Trucks Band. The album’s first single ‘Let Me Down,’ is built off a heavy riff, a deep NYC rock groove and tough girl grit. The set ends with the head bopping rocker ‘I Feel A Heartache Coming,’ highlighting Williams power pop songwriting skills and unlimited potential.   

--Rick J Bowen - Blind Raccoon Records - Memphis, TN


"....Giving her influences as Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi, it is perhaps no great surprise that this is a strong, no-nonsense blues and rock set, opening with a bluesy, funky ‘Not My Problem’, a fine, straight-ahead blues shuffle in ‘Bad Lovin’’, and a swampy and slinky groover with a southern rock touch, ‘Little Bit Of The Devil’. The title track has hopeful lyrics and an appropriate gospel influence in the melody and arrangement, plus a sinuous slide guitar solo by Dan Wecht. ‘You Let Me Down’ is a heavy, riffing rocker and the closer – ‘I Feel A Heartache Coming’ -   is a nicely accessible slab of out-and-out power pop!"  

--Norman Darwen, Flyingshoes Review, EURO House Concert HUB 


"Review:  Meg Williams brings a freshness to the rock and blues world with her cool vocals and amazing guitar riffs.  From the first note of “Not my Problem,” it becomes quickly obvious that this young lady intends to take Nashville and the rest of the country by storm.  The comparison to Susan Tedeschi and Bonnie Raitt are spot on.  There aren’t any weak tracks on this EP, but we really love the soulful title track, and the rocking “You Let Me Down” and “I Feel a Heartache.”  This one belongs on repeat, and we think you’ll love it more with each listen, especially that guitar work.   

Recommendation:  This lady is going places.  Get on board and support her now."  

--LA Music Critic, Review. 

Recommendation:  This lady is going places.  Get on board and support her now. ”

— LA Music Critic


"All of Meg’s songs are rooted strongly in blues rock and soul without the slightest hint of country despite her new home base. The opener, “Not My Problem,” is a soulful funk that puts problems in a relationship solely on the shoulders of her man, giving him the opportunity to “stay if you wanna, leave if you wanna/I don’t care one way or another.”  Williams channels Magic Sam as she shows off her guitar skills on the loping, stop-time blues shuffle, “Bad Lovin’,” before Wecht’s featured on slide for the swamp rocker, “Little Bit Of Devil,” a warning about a woman with a troubled past, while “Maybe Someday” comes across with strong gospel overtones and a blue-eyed soul feel as it advises being optimistic and taking your time no matter what you’re facing in life. Meg’s New York roots come to the fore in the hard-edged “You Let Me Down,” which is built atop a heavy East Coast rock beat. She can’t get the guy out of her head or give up on him despite continuing disappointments. The theme continues on the pop-flavored set ender, “I Feel A Heartache Coming.”   

Short, but sweet, this EP should establish Williams on a bigger stage. Available from Amazon or CDBaby and worthy of a spin if you’re on the hunt for a new artist who delivers quality fresh tunes."   

-Marty Gunther, Blues Blast Magazine, reviewer (Issue 12-18, May 4, 2018)  



"While this young woman breathes femininity, her shy smile, her soft voice.....,  [when she begins to play her guitar] - the shyness fades, the silhouette comes alive and the smile becomes contagious. Six titles only to convince us of the qualities of her music...."  
-Blues Again! (French review, translated by Google Translate) 


"I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Maybe Someday, from Meg Williams and it's a straight up rocker ...... Blues rocker, Little Bit Of The Devil blends Charlie Daniels, The Allmans, JJ Cale, and Pat Benetar to come up with a flashy country rock radio track. Title track, Maybe Someday has a bouncy rhythm and slide guitar by Dan Wecht with a lot of the grease characteristic of Derek Trucks.... You Let Me Down is a straight ahead rocker with a cool melody but it's the fiery guitar lead that sets this track apart...."  

-Bman's Blues Report Review 


"Although, originally from New York State, Meg decided to relocate to Nashville, Tennessee in July, two thousand and sixteen and since then she has become a regular feature on the local live circuit. This EP CD, contains six original numbers which plays for nineteen minutes. The numbers here range from blues to rock. Meg supplies lead vocals and guitar with Dan Wecht on guitar and slide guitar, with Greggory Garner on bass and Kyle Law providing the drum work. Meg states that her musical influences are Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi, which is evident on the foot-tappingly funky blues rocker “Not My Problem”, on which Dan delivers some fine ripping slide guitar. Meg's forcefully hard  edged, vocal delivery is also crisply clear on the more sultry, southern, swampy number, “Little Bit Of The Devil”, here Dan delivers a side-winding and slithering burning slide, again The lyrical slide on “Maybe Someday”, possesses a rich urging feel that is splendidly backed with a very fine and soothing gospel vocal lead and almost angelic backing vocals. The heavy and swaying guitar on the rocking “Let Me Down”, allows Meg to combine a sultry vocal with a raw and urging edge. While, “I Feel A Heartache Coming”, is most definitely an in-your-face power rocker with Meg letting you have both barrels. “Bad Lovin’ ”, is a splendid rolling blues shuffle that most definitely keeps your shoulders shuffling.  

Greatly Endorsed! 

--Brian Harman, Blues in the South, June 2018 issue

".....artist who now publishes her first EP with six songs based on powerful rock-blues and soul, with swingin 'shuffles spices with a touch of slide guitar. Wrapped up by an able well assembled band, Meg Williams has been compared to Susan Tedeschi or Bonnie Raitt. Let's hope this EP release will help Meg to gain more recognition of wide audiences and specialized media so, in a not too distant future, we can again enjoy the music and talent of this woman who is called to achieve all her musical goals. VERY GOOD."  
-Vicente Zumel, La Hora Del Blues (translated by Google Translate)

"....Meg Williams is one of the blues rock madammen of the future, given her age and talent. She puts the fans to her hand on 'Maybe Someday' almost effortlessly and shows how far she is already. This promises and it is looking forward to the future, because we have certainly not heard everything from Meg Williams."  

--Eric Schuurmans, Rootstime Review (Belgium & Netherlands) 


A recent arrival in Nashville from New York, Meg Williams has made a name for herself in a short time in Music City, performing with her band and as a solo/duo act sometimes up to three times a night. She’s an excellent singer, guitarist, and songwriter, and all of that is on display on her most recent release, the EP Maybe Someday, featuring six potent blues rockers led by Williams and her backing band (Dan Wecht – guitar/slide guitar, Greggory Garner – bass, Kyle Laws – drums) and vocalists (Sara Rogers, Sam Gonzales, Chase Walker, Wilson Harwood, and Skylar Gregg). 

The opener, “Not My Problem,” is a lively, funky rocker, while the shuffle “Bad Lovin’” gives the young lady an opportunity to display her guitar chops. “Little Bit Of The Devil” has a distinct southern rock feel with fiery slide guitar from Wecht and a slippery groove in tow, and the optimistic title track continues with that same southern vibe, similar to the current Tedeschi Trucks Band playbook including Wecht’s slide guitar. “You Let Me Down” boasts a gritty guitar riff and grooves pretty hard, while the closer, “I Feel A Heartache Coming,” is a terrific pop-rocker. 

Maybe Someday is an intriguing release. Meg Williams has the talent to go in a number of musical directions beyond the blues genre with her tender but tough vocals, potent guitar playing, and her first-rate songwriting skills. This set may be short, but it packs a mighty punch. 

--- Graham Clarke, Blues Bytes


".....The penultimate track, You Let Me Down, has a rockier outlook with a hint of Meg’s East Coast roots showing through. It has a depth that shows what this lady could be capable of in the future as this is a really strong song as it rocks away and has a brilliant solo too...."

-Tom Dixon, Bluesdoodles Review (UK)



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